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1 Lesson - Beginners

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Are you ready to dive into the most beautiful and sublime portrait of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him? Do you want to learn about his noble character, his radiant appearance, his daily habits, his worship, and his miracles? Then join us for this amazing course on the Shamail, the collection of hadiths that describe the Prophet Muhammad in detail.

We will be using the concise and comprehensive text by Shaykh Abd al-Hayy al-Kattani, a renowned scholar of hadith and Sufism, who summarized the Shamail in a clear and accessible way. You will get access to the original Arabic text as well as a reliable translation, along with 10 hours of live classes where we will explain and comment on every aspect of the Shamail. You will also be able to download the recordings and watch them at your own pace.

This is a unique opportunity to increase your love, admiration, and emulation of the best of creation, the beloved of Allah, the seal of the prophets, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Don't miss this chance to enrich your knowledge and transform your heart with the light of the Shamail!

76 Lessons - Beginners

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The Certificate in Islamic Literacy is a unique multi modular course designed to impart a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the Muslim faith to those aged 16 and above.
- Spread over 40 weeks with 2 hours of lectures one evening a week.
- This course will be delivered on Thursday evenings online only.
** Note: the course started in late September 2022, recordings of all lectures are available.**

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