Interactive Online Islamic Studies Preparing Confident Young Muslims for the Modern World

Starting September 2023.

Taught by a team of experienced teachers and support staff.

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Are you looking for a way to enrich your children's Islamic studies education? Do you want them to learn from qualified teachers who understand the contemporary issues facing Muslims today? If so, you might be interested in our Islamic studies online madrasa for secondary age school children. This program offers high quality instruction taking in to account the challenges of the modern world.

Our curriculum is designed to help your children develop a strong Islamic identity by learning the required essential knowledge of their faith, as well as how to respond to the challenges of living in a society which is increasingly atheist and hostile to traditional religious values.

Whether you are a parent or a community leader, we invite you to explore our program and see how it can benefit your children and your community.

A sample of some of our interactive online education content.

The Benefits of Studying with Us Online

Our expert tuition of Islamic Studies is the superior solution for many families for the following reasons:


Save time and money: access from the comfort of your home and fit in with your busy schedules.


Not just a lecture: teachers will employ a range of interactive learning activities to help facilitate students to pay attention.


A 1 hour live class per week with recordings made available* (if there is a valid reason for absence).  There will also be an additional 30 minute recorded lesson to view in your own time.


Detailed reports of students interaction for live classes attended.

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FAQ - Your Questions and Our Answers

Is this course is online only?

Correct, this course is only delivered online, so you will need to have a laptop and good internet connection.

What about the teachers, who will be teaching?

We have an excellent and very experienced team of teachers, all of whom have extensive knowledge of the education sector and children, combined with a sound understanding of Islamic studies.  

Please take a look at their biographies on this page.

When will the classes be and for how long, what if my child misses a class, how can they catch up?

The classes will most likely be on a weekday evening such as 5pm UK time with possibly one class on a weekend morning.  The final timetable will be confirmed shortly.

The live class will be 1 hour long with an additional 30 minute (maximum) lesson to watch in your own time.

Attendance of the live class is necessary.  Only due a to a valid reason of absence a recording can be made available.

The classes will run for 30 weeks.

Which syllabus will you be using, do I need to buy a textbook for this course?

We will be  basing our lessons loosely around the iSyllabus set of textbooks along with some additional content which we will add which we believe is useful and necessary.

At this current time it is not envisaged that you will need to buy a textbook.  If this does change we will let you know.

Do you have a learning portal?

Yes! we have our own learning portal which all learners will have access to.  Important information will be uploaded there along with additional learning materials.

What do you mean by interactive learning?

For younger learners it is essential that the learning is engaging and that they are involved all the way through the lesson and not just listening to a lecture for an hour.  We will therefore be using the best technology tools to ensure all learners are engaged.

How are you more attuned to the needs of secondary school children in comparison to others?

Our lead instructors are parents and have children in the education system in the West.  They also have experience of society through professional work and are able to bring all of these experiences to the crafting and delivery of sound educational provision.

Will you be covering topics of importance in society and challenges to faith?

Yes most certainly! We have already delivered in person a program responding to atheist objections to Islam and a course for teenage Muslim girls.  It is essential that any program equips learners with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of the modern age.

The Teaching Team

Saleh Abu Hashim

lead Instructor

Ustadh Saleh is a qualified teacher and has taught at secondary, FE and university levels.  

He spent 5 years living in the Middle East during which time he he studied Arabic at the University of Jordan and studying some basic level texts with a range of scholars.

He currently works in the e-learning field for a health company. 

Saira Sarwar

lead instructor

Ustadha Saira is a qualified pharmacist and a secondary school science teacher. She has a passion for Islamic education and has attended a number of courses in Islamic studies.

She is a mother of three children and has extensive experience of challenges facing young people.

She currently works as a part time community pharmacist.

Other Staff

assistant instructor

We have an assistant instructor who will be supporting the educational delivery to learners.  They are trained educators with a background in Arabic language and Islamic learning, and also have extensive professional experience.

Some Previous Work

In case you are not familiar with our work, please find on the link below a page with a number of works related to Islamic Studies which we have published.  We will inshAllah be adding more content to this page.

Our pricing plan




Billed Yearly

  • £80 per academic term [3 terms]
  • 30 weeks of live classes + recorded content.




  • Weekly live class during term time + access to recorded content


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