Advice for a Teenage Muslimah

Are you a parent of a teenage Muslim girl who wants to learn more about her faith, her identity, and her role in this world? If yes, then you should join our short course for teenage Muslim girls covering the topics below:

Course Outline

This course is designed to be interactive, fun, and practical. Learners will have the opportunity to ask questions, share their opinions, and make new friends. Don't miss this chance to grow as a Muslimah and help prepare them for the future. Register your interest now!

What is your purpose in life?

Discover how Islam gives you a clear and meaningful direction for your journey on earth.

Drugs & alcohol

Learn about the dangers of these substances and how to resist peer pressure and temptation.

making sense of puberty

Understand the physical and emotional changes that happen during this stage and how to cope with them in a healthy and Islamic way.

relationships & boyfriends

Find out what Islam says about love, marriage, and intimacy and how to avoid falling into haram relationships.

hijabi influencers & fashions

Learn about what real hijab is and being aware of the world of social media influencers and its reality.

personal fiqh rulings for females

A discussion of important personal fiqh rulings specific to females related to purification and other matters.

developing spiritual strength

Learn how to connect with Allah through prayer, dua, dhikr, and Quran and how to overcome doubts, challenges, and hardships with faith and patience.


Ustadha Saira Sarwar is a qualified pharmacist and a secondary school science teacher. She has a passion for Islamic education and has attended a number of courses in Islamic studies. She is a mother of two daughters and has extensive experience of challenges facing young people.

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