Serenity House

Serenity House is an education initiative which has its roots in Arabic and Hanafi fiqh classes which were organised in the town of High Wycombe back in 1997.  Since then we have been involved with a number of projects ranging from residential courses, one day intensives, arranging teaching visits for Saudi Sunni scholars, translation and publishing of Islamic texts and curriculum design. 


Some of the nice things people have said about our work

Irfan A

United kingdom

"Alhamdullilah the Hanbali Fiqh with Ustadh Saleh was extremely beneficial. I hadn't ever studied this Madhab before yet the Ustadh delivered the course in a very detailed and clear manner, and we were given a course handbook making the masa'il easy to understand.
I'd definitely recommend students of knowledge to study with Ustadh and I look forward to future courses."

Hashim Z

united kingdom

The Fortress of Faith course was very good and easy to understand. It provided me with simple arguments to respond to atheism.

I studied another course on this topic, but found that it was too complicated. This course is suitable for teenagers and adults and simpler than other courses, but at the same time gives good arguments in defence of Islam.

This course gave me confidence and I now know that am not helpless against atheists.

I would advise other people to study it because it is well structured, interactive and logical.

Adnan A

united kingdom

"Quite honestly it [the Certificate in Islamic Literacy course] was the first time in my life that I had structured teaching on the basics of Islam. Prior to this I felt I had a reasonable grasp of the basics but this structured approach allowed me to manage misconceptions and misinterpretations and to learn a lot more about topics i had not touched on previously - eg the financial modules."

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